Who We Are…
At Grace Communion Derby our heartbeat is sharing the love of our Triune God. Our hope is that as many people as possible experience freedom and transformation of living in relationship with Father, Son, & Spirit.
We Value
God’s Word
Living Grace
Great Commission Living
Knowing & Growing in Christ
Shared Leadership


The vision of Grace Communion Derby is to have God’s love for all people, experienced and shared.
Our mission is to provide welcoming environments to learn and live the gospel. 

Grace Communion Derby is led by shared ministry through a pastoral and leadership team. 
Grace Communion Derby is a congregation of Grace Communion International (GCI). GCI is a mosaic of churches knit together in grace. With 50,000 members formed into 900 churches spread across 100 countries, GCI’s churches and members strive to create inclusive communities where God’s relational nature is proclaimed. Our desire is to create a space where all people are welcomed into the love and life of Christ – regardless of life experience, culture, political affiliation, race, gender, or any other distinctive. In doing so, we reflect the heart of Jesus’ ministry – salvation for the whole world.  About Grace Communion International


More than ever, we seek to be the healthiest expression of the body of Christ we can be. We are committed to love our community, meeting the needs of those God has placed in our neighborhood. The purpose of our Sunday gatherings is to share the hope we have in Jesus. We believe faith grows in community, through our small groups we create spaces where life is shared, and spiritual growth is nurtured. Through the faith, hope, and love venues we seek to share genuine relationships centered in Christ, and continue to grow in this healthy expression of church.
             And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love 
                                                                           (1Corinthian 13:13).


Most importantly, you’re always welcome at Grace Communion Derby. If you want to learn more about our beliefs as a church, click the link below. Or if you’d simply like to connect with us, click the contact link in the blue section below.