Frequently Asked Questions
In-Person Experience
Plan Your Experience
321 S Derby Avenue
Doors Open at 9:30 am Sunday – There’s always someone to chat with while we prepare for your experience.
How long will the service last? – About an 45 min to an hour.
Parking – Feel free to park on the street on in the parking lot off Kay Street.
Service begins at 10:30 am – No worries if you’re a little late.  Someone will be there to help you.
What to Wear? – Comfortable Casual.  Don’t be surprised if Pastor Kirk comes up to talk in jeans.
Seating? – We are spacing rows for physical distancing. We try to make sure there are end seats toward the back and we save a row for families coming in a bit later.
Singing? – We would love for your to join in as you feel comfortable and learn the songs. Sometimes it ‘s nice to just listen and enjoy the words. 
What’s the offering? – Part of our worship experience is to give back to our generous God in the giving of an offering.  Feel free to participate or consider your life actives that reflect your thankfulness.
Online Experience
Three Experience Options – This Week’s Program
Fellowship Log beginning at 10:15 am, Sunday
Service begins at 10:30 am Includes:
Prayer, Singing, Offering Consideration,        Scripture Reading, & Message, and Communion
Followed by fellowship
(Welcome invitation to participate in activities you are comfortable engaging in)
2. Watch on YouTube Sunday evening
Video Includes – Songs, Reading, Message and additional helpful information.
3. Watch on Facebook at 8:00 pm, Sunday
Video Includes – Songs, Reading, Message and additional helpful information.
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions